we both know it's going to be another long winter

the kind that freezes shut the doors of early spring
but i'll still let you in
when i hear you knocking, with a whisper
i'll open the doors and i'll let you in

depressing things are empty beds and lonely dinners
and women who are middle aged with naked fingers
i'll buy myself a ring
to symbolize this marriage every time i break the locks to let you in

cause nothing's worse than seeing you worse than me
and nothing hurts like seeing you hurt like me
the consequence is less than the happiness you bring to me
there's more to give than what you take from me

believe in the things that you know
believe in the things that you know

sunshine, throw a starving man a piece of bread

all i said, i didn't mean
the chill is strong and nothing seems
to thaw the icy sentiment
of love that's gone once winter's spent

para a menina (mana) mais linda, que diz que vai ter um blog lindo em breve.
sou mesmo má de aturar às vezes, não? e ranhosa e tudo.

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